SMARTGYM portable home gym and travel gym
SMARTGYM success stories


Trim and shape YOUR entire body in just minutes a day with this all-in-one home
and travel gym!

Never feel embarrassed in a health
club again
Everything you need to jump-start YOUR total body makeover... even if you've never worked out before!

Flatten your abs.
Upper abs, lower abs, side abs (obliques). Trim your waist in just 2.5 minutes a day!

Shape your hips, thighs, and buns.
Tone and tighten your entire lower body in complete privacy... at home or in your hotel room when you travel!

Sculpt your entire upper body:
arms; chest; back; shoulders

Build and shape your biceps, triceps, forearms, chest, lats, lower back, and deltoids -- front, side, and rear!

Burn fat, lose weight, and shed inches with cardio circuit training.  
Burn up to 840 calories/hour while building strength and flexibility at the same time!

Sports training to go!
Explode your strength, speed, and agility. Train your body for success in almost any sport. Tennis, golf, baseball, basketball, football, track, martial arts, and more!

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