Lower Body Routine for Kristi by Daddy. i love you!

Ex. 1 - Outer Thigh

Ex. 5 - Inner Thigh (in front)

Ex. 9 - Squat (feet wide)

Ex. 2 - Leg Kickback

Ex. 6 - Inner Thigh (behind)

Ex. 10 - Calf Raise (1 foot)

Ex. 3 - Donkey Kick

Ex. 7 - Squat (feet together)

Ex. 4 - Leg Curl

Ex. 8 - Squat (feet med. width)

Exercise Notes:

Inner Thigh
(Ex. 5, 6) – Inner thigh is two exercises. One set swinging the leg in front of the standing leg, then switching into one set swinging the leg behind the standing leg. Only the "in front" version is shown in the  pictures.

Leg Squat
(Ex. 7, 8, 9) – Clip all four bands together in one handle from the top pulley on one gym. Do the same for a second handle from the top pulley on the 2nd gym. Then squat. Do not use the bands to "pull yourself up" but only to steady and assist your form as you squat facing the door (not shown in pic). It adds a lot to the exercise if you "jump up" as you return to the starting squat position for each rep. I recommend placing your heels on an elevator (a 4-feet long 2" x 4" board works great).

Note that the squat exercise consists of three foot positions – feet together (12 reps), feet shoulder width apart (12 reps), and feet wide as you can do comfortably (12 reps). Only the "medium width" version is shown in the pictures. Don't jump with your feet at their widest position, as this could hurt your knees!

Calf Raise
(Ex. 9) – From the same setup as for squats, use the top handles to steady and assist your form as you raise your calf one leg at a time (not shown in pic), this time for 16 reps each. It helps to place the balls of your feet on an elevator (a 4-feet long 2" x 4" board works great).

Exercise order
I start with a set of right leg outer thigh (left side to the door); then turn to face the door and do a set of kickbacks, followed by a set of donkey kicks, and a set of leg curls. Next, I turn to the opposite side (from the outer thigh exercise) and do a set of inner thigh. That's one full set of all ankle strap exercises for the right leg. Repeat the right leg for sets 2 and 3. Then switch legs and do it all again.

Note that you are just turning your body from the side (outer thigh) to facing the door (kickbacks, donkey kicks, leg curls to the other side (inner thigh).

After doing all the ankle strap exercises, finish up with the assisted squats as detailed above, and you are well on your way to a tight butt and legs.

Resistance Notes:
Set #1: One red band for each leg.
Set #2: Two blue bands for each leg.
Set #3: One red + one blue band for each foot.

The object is to increase resistance with each set, taking your muscles to failure (or close to failure). This builds and shapes muscles. Also, note that you want to flow from exercise to exercise without stopping (or stopping as little as possible). Your stance should change very little, if at all.